LGBTQ Counselling

I want to teach you how to be FREE to BE...


Being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer can bring with it a range of challenges that show themselves in families, workplaces, friendships, and wider society. Although public awareness and human rights have evolved dramatically in the last two generations, the impact of homophobia persists. If you identify as LGBTQ and feel in need have a safe and respectful place to explore this aspect of your experience,

The therapeutic exploration of your life is only possible with someone who values the diversity and breadth of human identities. That includes sexuality and gender expression, which is fluid in every one of us.

Therefore, I am aware that none of us can be reduced to a single label or identity, whether this is political affiliation, race, gender, or sexual orientation. If you are considering therapy, you may be doing so with a whole range of concerns in mind. You may be experiencing depression, anxiety, or troubles in creating or maintaining a relationship; you may find yourself trapped in patterns of unhealthy behaviours, or struggling with substance abuse. If you are an LGBTQ-identified person considering therapy it is important to find a therapist that will understand your struggles and experiences to help you with your journey.

The LGBT community may face issues in:

  • The coming out process
  • Dating, commitment or marriage
  • Sex
  • Discrimination and oppression
  • Self esteem or self acceptance
  • Raising a child/Conceiving in an LGBT partnership
  • Sex reassignment surgery (SRS)

Many issues that can be addressed in therapy are specific to a particular gender identity or sexual orientation. For example, if you are transgendered, you might be seeking psychotherapeutic help with SRS, gender transitions, or body image issues; depending on your HIV status, you might be struggling with sero-discordance in your relationships; LGBTQ individuals may need a forum for sorting through issues around domestic partnership and marriage, parenting, and surrogacy, adoption, or fostering of a child.